How can I cancel a booking?

In this article you will learn more about the cancellation options

Option 1: A guest cannot participate in the experience and therefore has to cancel his booking.

If a guest cannot participate in the experience and the booking should be cancelled, there two options:

  1. The guest cancels himself. Until the registration deadline, he can do so via the link in his confirmation email. 
  2. You cancel the guest manually in the CMS under "Requests & Bookings".  To do so, open the drop-down in the guest's booking line and select "Canceled". The guest receives a notification by mail and a new guest can book in immediately. -->

Option 2: The experience cannot take place and the bookings must therefore be cancelled. 

If the experience cannot take place, there are also two options for cancellation:

  1. You cancel all bookings for the event with one click via the CMS. To do so, click on the three dots on the far right of the experience that is to be canceled and click on "Cancel all bookings". The guests will automatically receive a notification of the cancellation by mail.

  2. The minimum number of participants for the experience was not reached. In this case, the stored bookings can be canceled automatically via the system. To do so, activate the tab "Auto cancel bookings if minimum participants not reached when booking deadline passes" under "Hotel/Special settings":

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