How to best manage your requests & bookings

How to manage your registrations for the weekly program and your experiences fully automatically and how to know where the interests of your guests really lie.

Lena shows you in this video how you can manage registrations for the weekly program & your experiences very easily, digitally, sustainably and fully automatically:

  1. Registrations
  2. Cancellations
  3. Statistics


Tip: To keep track of your experience requests and bookings, simply book the guest for the experience yourself and show him how easy it is to sign up for the experience. In this context, also give him the QR code and the link (e.g. via small QR cards) so that he can register himself next time and thus relieve your reception in the long term.

To keep the registrations in check and to prevent guests from booking in last minute, you can make the following settings:

  1. Store a maximum number of participants. This way the ticket registrations are limited.
  2. If necessary, store a minimum number of participants. The guest will then be informed if the number of participants has not yet been reached and that you will contact him again with a confirmation or cancellation. For this you can either use our automatism, so that the registrations are automatically confirmed or cancelled after the registration deadline. Or you can simply do it manually for each experience.
  3. Enter a registration deadline. This way you know in time how many guests you can expect.

Thanks to the digital registrations, you can always see clearly how many places are still available or whether the experience is already fully booked. In addition, you benefit in three ways:

  1. Every time you book, an automatic email is sent - to an email address of your choice, which you can specify per experience. So either directly to the reception, the spa department or even to third-party providers.
  2. In the CMS you have an overview of all registrations under "Requests & Bookings". Here you can also export, print or send a list with all registrations.
  3. In addition, you can select per experience that the respective guide, in advance already gets the registration list sent fully automatically and has all registrations collected at a glance.  Of course in live status, which means that as soon as someone registers or deregisters at short notice, the guide always has the current overview at hand. To do this, simply enter the desired e-mail address or the e-mail address of the guide under "Attendee List Receiver":


If a guest is unable to attend the experience after all and the registration is to be cancelled, there are two options:

  1. The guest cancels himself. Until the registration deadline the guest can do this via the link in the confirmation email.
  2. You cancel the guest manually in the CMS under "Requests & Bookings".

The seat becomes free again, and a new guest can book in right away.


The best part of it all - you have flawless statistics. On a weekly, monthly or even seasonal basis, you can see your guests' favorite experiences under "Gigglytics" in the CMS. For example, what was clicked/booked the most in the summer and then you use exactly those experiences for the next summer campaigns as well as social media posts and think about how you can expand and extend them. 

The experiences that were less popular you can either optimize or simply not offer next year and focus on the favorites instead. 

As you can see, it's super easy to digitize your registrations in a sustainable way, to work with automations, to always keep track of everything and, by the way, to have flawless statistics and to always know where your guests' true interests lie.