Why you should create team members and how to edit them

How to add collaborators/colleagues/guides etc. to your experiences to make them more personalized

When you add authenticity to your experience, it becomes much more personal and arouses even more emotions in the guest. You can do this not only by uploading the appropriate images in the experience, but also by adding a team member to your experience. 

Team members can be the guide, the masseuse, the bartender, the external service provider, regional third party providers, you as the host, one of your employees/colleagues, etc.

How to create a new team member

You can create a new team member either directly in the experience or in the CMS under the menu item "Team". Here you can also edit the information of the team members.

It is best to always add a picture, name, position and description for each team member.

In addition, you can use the activation tab to decide whether you want to display the team member in the header of your Giggle App (https://giggle.tips/hotelname):

To add more editors, we first need to register the respective email address for the CMS. For each additional user with editor access we charge a monthly fee. Please contact us directly for more information. 

Add team members to the experiences

Once the team members have been created, you can add them to the desired experiences at any time directly via the experiences: