Why is my experience not requestable/bookable?

We will show you the steps you need to take to make your experience bookable or requestable

In order for your guests to be able to request or book your experience, you must note the points "3. When does the experience take place" and "4. Is registration required?" directly in the respective experience.

--> Deposit availabilities

--> Deposit email & tickets

Registration / Enquiry

Under point 3 in the respective experience you have the option to differentiate between registration and enquiry.

1. On fixed times and dates (registration)

If you select "On fixed times and dates", you can add events (incl. repeats). This allows you to determine at which times or for which periods your experience can be booked directly. 

TIP: We recommend adding new dates once a season. This way your experience will always be up-to-date and bookable.

After you have determined the dates, don't forget to click on "Add events" (see screenshot below).

Attention: If you have selected "On fixed times and dates", but no current dates are stored, then your experience is not bookable!

2. Can be requested for set time slots (enquiry)

If you select "Can be requested for set time slots", the experience is organised individually for the guest. This means that you determine the availabilities once - and the guest then requests one of the possible time periods for these availabilities (this applies to beauty and massage experiences, for example). 

In this example, the experience can always be requested from Monday to Friday noon or afternoon:

Email & tickets

After you have specified the availability or dates under point 3, the email address and the tickets must not be missing under point 4.

Only if you have entered at least one email address (see point 1 in the following screenshot) and at least one ticket including ticket name (see point 2 in the following screenshot) your guests can request or book the experience.

The email address is required so that we can notify you as soon as a request/registration has been received. 
The ticket name is also required, because the ticket is ultimately what the guest books. You can add several tickets and also enter ticket descriptions. 
You also have the option to set a price or select "free of charge".