How can I export a participant list and make it available to my guides automatically?

We show you how you can automatically send and export participant lists (live views).

There are two ways to generate participant lists for your experiences:

  1. Export the participant list as PDF or CSV directly via our system.
    In the CMS you will find the option to export the participant list as PDF or CSV under "Requests & Bookings" for each experience. To do this, click on the three points and select your desired version:
  2. Receive the list of participants after the registration deadline directly by mail (live view, which updates itself).
    You can give access to the list of participants to everyone, also to external adventure guides, via their e-mail. To do this, enter the email address of the guide(s) in the desired experience under "Other settings" at "Attendee List Receiver":
    After the registration deadline, this person will then receive an automatic email with access to the live view of the participant list. This means that even if a guest subsequently cancels the experience, this will be adjusted on the digital attendee list.