How can I make experiences visible only for the guest on site?

In this article, you will learn how you can make experiences (e.g. hotel information) visible only to your guests on site

Do you have experiences that you do not want to make publicly visible, i.e. that should not be found via Google, your website, Facebook etc., but are only intended for your guests on site, such as hotel information or similar (check-in, weather, menu etc.)?

Then simply note the following two points:

  1. Add the category "Information" to the experiences. This ensures that the experiences are not indexed on Google: 
  2. It is best to create a separate stream for these experiences. Of course, you do not embed this stream on your website, but show it to your guests on site via the WebApp ("visible in online app") and/or embed the stream directly into your existing guest photo tool. 

Please note: If you would like to benefit from all our channels and the reach via, but are worried that external guests will book in even though the experiences are only intended for house guests, then take a look at this article with tips and tricks.