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Why are some experiences not displayed in my printed weekly program?

Learn more about the experiences displayed in your printed weekly program and what you have to pay attention to

Categories in general

The printed weekly program is structured by categories. This means that in order for your experiences to be displayed in the printed weekly program, a category must be stored for all experiences. 

We normally hide the category "information" in all templates. Therefore, simply choose one of the other categories if you want the experience to appear in the printed weekly program. 

Templates by categories

We can also upload templates for specific categories. That means, for example, if you need a separate printed weekly program for kids, we will upload a new template for you that only contains the experiences with the category "Kids". However, the categories can also be combined as desired. 

The categories of the experiences therefore play a decisive role in whether an experience is displayed in one of the templates for the printed weekly program or not.

Number of experiences per day

The number of experiences per day is normally limited to 20. So if you have more than 20 experiences per day, you need a new template from us.