Where can I find statistics about my experiences?

In this article, we'll show you where to find the most important metrics related to your experiences and how to best use them.

You can find the statistics with all important key figures in the CMS under "Gigglytics".

Determine period

When you open "Gigglytics", you can select the time period for which you want to have an evaluation of your experiences in the upper right corner.

  1. Either you select a user-defined time period
  2. Or you select one of our predefined time periods from the dropdown menu, e.g. the last 90 days.

Key figures at a glance & essential facts

For the selected period, you will now find an overview of the most important key figures - the user sessions, the bookings/requests received for this period as well as the number of tickets booked/requested and the revenue generated: 

In the table next to it you´ll also find the total clicks on your experiences:

Take also a look at the key facts below (see next screenshot). Here you can see at a glance how many visible experiences you have and how many of them are bookable and how many of them are chargeable. 

Only if you have visible, bookable & chargeable experiences, you can sell tickets with your experiences and generate revenue! 

Take a look at the following article: Why do I need tickets and how do I create multiple tickets?

Top experiences by clicks and revenue

In our statistics you will also find an overview of the top experiences sorted by the most clicks and in another table your top experiences by revenue. 

These numbers are very important, because they tell you which experiences are the most interesting for your guests. So you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly, push certain experience offers further, etc.

If an experience is clicked a lot but not booked, then you should take a closer look at the content of the experience. 

Session duraton

Session duration also tells you how interesting the experiences are for your guests. The higher the session duration the better - also for your performance on Google (SEO)!

You can increase the session duration by uploading several images per experience, embedding videos and adding a nice description text. 

Most clicked team members

On Gigglytics you can also find an overview of your team members including clicks:

Remember to assign experiences to your team members and add a short description text for each team member.
Also check out the following article: Why you should create team members and how to edit them.