Can I share experiences with other businesses to simplify management?

In this article you will learn the most important points about our "Multiproperty / Sharing" feature

Our "Multiproperty / Sharing" feature is particularly beneficial for you as a hotel chain, partner business or destination.

We can link your partner accounts. This means you only have to create an experience once and can easily share it with other locations. 

Share experiences with partner businesses

In each experience, you will find the option to share the experience with one of your partner businesses under additional settings. With one click, you can decide whether the partner company can only see the experience and add it to their streams ("Can not be edited") or whether the partner company can also make changes to the experience ("Can be edited").

Please note: 

  1. If changes are made to the shared experience, these changes will be visible everywhere. Therefore, think carefully about whether the partner company is allowed to edit the experience or not.
  2. In order for the shared experience to be visible to the partner company, it must add the experience to its streams, as the experience is only finally visible when it is integrated into its own streams.

In the experience overview, you will find the original source - i.e. the company that created the experience. Under the experience title, you can also see directly whether it is a shared experience or not. 

Advantages of shared experiences

  1. You save on duplicate administration, time and resources.
  2. If an experience is fully booked, it is fully booked everywhere. Capacity planning, including the number of participants and registration period, is therefore comprehensive.
  3. The experience can be integrated into the corporate design of the partner company's website using our widget codes.