How to integrate your experiences into your mailings

Whether correspondence tool, hotel PMS system, Outlook etc. - this is how you make your experiences visible

  1. You have a correspondence tool? Then integrate your experiences with the help of our widgets just like on your website (best visible at first sight).
  2. You use a hotel PMS system, a booking software, outlook or another mailing tool? Then simply add a graphic with the five highlight experiences to your email templates or your signature and link it to the experience subpage on your website.


TIP 1: The best position for your experiences is right under the "Rooms and Prices" section. Just choose a mix of 50% free and 50% paid experiences and show your highlights, i.e. the experiences that are not available everywhere.

TIP 2: After the booking is before the arrival. Convince with your activities and services not only in your offer mailings, but also in your booking confirmations and arrival mails.