What are the categories in the experience for and why do I need them?

In this article, we'll explain why it's important to add a category to your experience.

The most important point:

Categories are important in many ways (Google SEO, printed weekly program, category filter, similar experiences), so you should store a category for ALL your experiences. This should be the category through which your experience will later be found.

The categories are fixed, simply choose one of the categories that best fits your experience. If it is not an experience, but a hotel information, then please select the category "information".

Similar experiences 

Experiences with the same category are displayed in the experiences under "Similar experiences":

Printed weekly program

With the printed weekly program you can, for example, exclude certain categories. This means, that we can upload your own printed children's weekly program that only contains the experiences for which you have entered the category "Children".

Read more about the printed weekly program in this article: 

Printed weekly program


With the widgets on your website, a category filter can also be built in if desired.

You can find the instructions for the widget codes including category filters in this article

This could look like this, for example: